8 unforgettable days An authentic and exciting experience

Your journey to the Amazon

Travel to the Amazon at least once in a lifetime

Entering the Amazon is like changing planet. Navigate these mighty rivers, experience moments of extraordinary beauty, explore hidden sanctuaries where thousands of birds dye the skies… Visit an authentic indigenous village and feel the generous, age-old hospitality of these people. Swim with pink dolphins in a recondite creek. Get to know the “Amazon Film Camp”, walk in their dense forests and feel the strength of this diverse and exuberant nature.

Accompanied by people who know and live these jungles with intensity and pride, completely dedicated to your experience.

If you have ever dreamed of getting to know the Amazon, you can make it come true with Daniel Garibotti and his jungle team, who have more than three decades of experience in environmental and audiovisual work in the Brazilian Amazon. Daniel, founder of the Xixuaú-Xipariná Reserve in the jungles of Roraima, has designed the field production of the series "Amazonia, last call", the Amazon chapters of the historical series "Conquistadores", and the logistics of "Wild Frank" in the Amazon, among others. He is currently production director of the social communication company "CIPÓ Company" and of the "Amazonas Film Camp Ltda".

Si alguna vez has soñado conocer el Amazonas, lo puedes hacer realidad de la mano de Daniel Garibotti y su equipo de selva, que cuenta con más de tres décadas de experiencia de trabajo ambiental y audiovisual en la Amazonia brasileña. Daniel, fundador de la Reserva Xixuaú-Xipariná en las selvas de Roraima, ha diseñado la producción de campo de la serie “Amazonia, última llamada” para TVE, de los capitulos amazónicos de la serie histórica “Conquistadores”,  la logistica de “Wild Frank” en el Amazonas, entre otras. Es actualmente director de producción de la empresa de comunicación social “CIPÓ Company” y del “Amazonas Film Camp Ltda”.

Your journey to the Amazon, day by day

Day 1

  • Transfer airport – hotel (in the old town of Manaus).
  • Guided walking tour: the old port, built by the English and inaugurated in 1907, at the height of the rubber boom, considered the largest floating port in the world; the old market, also built at that time, with imported materials and ironwork design by the Frenchman Gustave Eiffel; and the dynamic and photogenic shore of the Rio Negro, where thousands of colourful boats and canoes are in constant motion. We will visit the mythical Teatro Amazonas, one of the 7 wonders of Brazil, according to a recent survey, inaugurated in 1896 and considered one of the most beautiful theatres in the world.
  • Juices, traditional food and live music in the square of the great theatre.
  • Overnight in a hotel in Manaus (breakfast included). 

Day 2

  • Transfer from the hotel to the boarding area, presentation of the crew and start of the navigation on the Rio Negro.
  • Visit to a small indigenous Tuyuka village, hospitable and proud to show off their culture. The shaman, a gentleman with large jaguar fangs hanging from his neck, but with a friendly expression, often offers to blow a dose of traditional “rapé” to the visitors.
  • We will anchor at the entrance of the pink dolphin inlet and swim among these friendly and amazing aquatic mammals.
  • Overnight on board.

Day 3

  • We will arrive at the “Meeting of the Waters” of the Amazon River and the Negro River, its main tributary. This is a place of deep water where huge shiny leather catfish swim and dolphins take advantage of the confusion of the change of waters to feed.
  • We will visit a floating hatchery of pirarucus, the largest scale fish in Amazonian waters. Corpachons of more than 2 metres and 80 kg opening their huge mouths and showing their strength in spectacular jumps.
  • We will walk on the walkways of the January Natural Park, located in the middle of the meeting of the great rivers. Lake area, with a multitude of fisher birds, capuchin monkeys, large centenary ceibas. If we are lucky we may see howler monkeys on the way to the water lily lake.
  • Navigation on the Amazon River to the town of Manacapurú, where we will spend a couple of hours doing the last shopping before continuing into the jungle.
  • Overnight on board.

Day 4

  • Navigation to the first large lake of the Piranha Reserve, 100,000 hectares that protect a rich aquatic and bird fauna, including the largest population in central Amazonia of black caimans, which along with the anaconda, are the largest Amazonian reptiles.
  • We will have the opportunity to experience piranha fishing in a region that carries their name.
  • Observation trips from the early hours of the day, at dusk and at night. We will be able to see the hoatzin – a colourful and sophisticated bird – sloths, howler monkeys, white owls, boa constrictors in the trees of the flooded jungle. The entire human population of this huge sanctuary lives on floating houses, creating beautiful everyday situations.

Day 5

  • Navigation on the Manacapurú River, whose basin is between the Amazon and Negro rivers. Of dark waters, marked by innumerable deserted islands that appear and disappear depending on the time of the year. A river of fish and birds, manatees and otters, of primary jungles where tapirs, anteaters and various species of primates run.
  • Arrival at the “Amazonas Film Camp” (AFC), located on an elevated peninsula facing the extraordinary bay of Paroá.
  • Distribution of rooms and tour of the garden, where tropical fruits are grown, fish are bred and there is a replica of an indigenous village.
  • Canoe trips to see the coastline around the AFC.
  • Overnight at the AFC.

Day 6

  • Departure in canoes at dawn to enjoy the landscape and its light.
  • Breakfast and departure to the jungle. We will go deep into the forest to see and feel its true dimension. The light penetrates as if it were spotlights on leaves, vines, trunks, nests, footprints, traces, fruits, all in a sonorous space that tells us about what we do not see. We will get to know essential foods such as the powerful chestnut and the cupuaçú, a close relative of cocoa, medicinal plants that smell like known remedies, tiny bats that look like leaves – camouflaged on some trunks imitating a vine -, mimetic insects, flowers, big blue butterflies…
  • Return to the AFC, lunch and rest so that before the end of the afternoon, those who have chosen to do so, leave again with hammocks and blankets to camp, spend the night in the middle of the jungle and appreciate the nocturnal sounds of the largest tropical forest on the planet.
  • For those who decide to stay, relax and spend the night at the AFC.

Day 7

  • Breakfast and departure in motorised canoes to the “rice islands” to observe wildlife and great scenery. In this area live some families of manatees, peaceful mammals of up to 300 kg. Visit some small communities of traditional fishermen and gatherers, appreciating the rhythm of life in these latitudes and the disposition with which they face it.
  • Afternoon and evening fishing with great specialists in various arts (lure, net, bow and arrow) for those who choose to join them, and paddle canoe trips on hidden lakes and narrow streams for those who prefer another option.
  • Night canoe trips, with torches, in search of arboreal and aquatic fauna.
  • Overnight at the AFC.

Day 8

  • Breakfast and departure in canoes to a jungle area where we will walk and say goodbye to the forest and the energy that has kindly integrated us, and whose mark we will take with us forever, imprinted in the subtlest part of our being.
  • Return, bath and preparation of the luggage.
  • Farewell lunch.
  • Boarding by covered boat to Manacapuru, mini bus to Manaus (hotel or airport).

"When the journey exceeds expectations, it's hard to get back to normal life"


The team that will care for you

“On these trips I am accompanied by excellent men and women of the jungle. Chiquinho, my main partner in the Amazon Film Camp, had infantile paralysis as a child. Over the years he represented the Amazon as a para-Olympic swimmer (7 years as a regular member of the official team), and won several prizes in international competitions. He knows everything about the jungle. He is a remarkable fisherman with tarraya, nets, spoons and other gear. Mundao, our neighbour and friend, is a great spear fisherman, mainly at night. He makes canoes and knows a lot about botany. He has a natural compass to find his way in the middle of the forest. Eriván, the youngest, in addition to his skills as a fisherman and pilot, has a sixth sense for finding wildlife where few others see it.

Tania is a lady cook who has worked on boats for 20 years and has run the kitchen on all the shoots that have taken place at the Amazon Film Camp. Creative and dynamic, she creates magic together with Francisca and Regina, her two regular assistants, who know how to read her intentions before they are communicated. Elizangela, an indigenous Tikuna who is the fairy godmother of hygiene, very efficient and friendly”.

Daniel Garibotti, your English-speaking guide and companion on this adventure.

What are we eating?

A variety of fresh fish, grilled, baked, breaded, roasted in the banana leaf; red meat in different versions, grilled chicken, some more elaborate dishes, usually baked, many seasonal salads, rice dishes, vegetables, fruit, desserts, juices. If you have any specific request, please let us know so that we can take it into account.

The boats

The journey can be made on 2 boat options

1. With double cabins and private bathroom

Modern and comfortable boat, with 6 air-conditioned double cabins and private bathrooms, lounges, bar, solarium.

2. With hammocks and shared bathrooms

Regional wooden boat, 20 m long, spacious and ventilated, with large space for hammocks in the upper saloon, 3 shared bathrooms, kitchen, boarding area and solarium.


Seasons in the Amazon

One of the places in the world that changes the most depending on the time of year.

Throughout Amazonia, the height of the waters defines the landscape, the natural rhythm, access routes, traditional human activities and the light.

Departures 2023

With the waters rising, progressively:

  • 2nd half of April
  • 1st half of May
  • 1st half of June (full adventure)
  • 2nd half of June


High water, slowly starting to go down

  • 1st half of July
  • 2nd half of July

With the waters lowering, progressively:

  • 1st half of August
  • 2nd half of August
  • 1st half of September
  • 2nd half of September
  • 1st half of October
  • 2nd half of October
  • 1st half of November
  • 2nd half of November
  • The highest concentration of rainfall occurs from January to March, in normal years.

Prices per person

8 days / 7 nights (1 hotel+3 boat+3 AFC) For groups of 8 to 12 people.

By large regional boat, with hammocks

2.780 U$D

By boat with cabins and private bathrooms

3.540 U$D

The price includes

  • Manaus – airport – hotel – boat transfer
  • Manaus – 1 night hotel accommodation in double room with breakfast
  • Manaus – cultural tour of the old city
  • Boat – 3 nights on board the boat
  • AFC – 3 nights in double (for those travelling together) and single rooms
  • Smaller boats for exclusive use for excursions
  • Transfer by boat and minibus to Manaus
  • Full meals on board and in the jungle
  • All activities on board and in the AFC included
  • English speaking guide
  • Local guides
  • Paddle canoes in the jungle
  • Wifi in the AFC
  • Exclusive use of facilities (boat and AFC)

"Thank you for making the trip a wonderful adventure".


We carry our love for the Amazon in our name

We are CIPÓ Company, a creative communications agency for social change. CIPÓ is a Tupí-Guaraní word meaning “vine”. Our first communication work was to defend the Amazon and the indigenous peoples that inhabit it. We then expanded our work to include campaigns, audiovisuals, exhibitions and creative follies to raise social awareness of multiple issues: gender violence, homelessness, refugees, children, volunteering, cooperation… We have already worked with more than 50 NGOs, public institutions and responsible companies.

Why did we create the Amazonas Film Camp?

In 2012 we set out on a search. We wanted to create a place where people could feel, love and know the Amazon rainforest. In an exhaustive research, we travelled through rivers, islands and villages. We were looking for an emotional crush; a place that, when you step into it, your intuition tells you: ‘This is it’. Going up the Manacapurú River, we arrived at the bay of Paroá and its numerous uninhabited islands. In front of that immensity of powerful nature there were isolated coasts and natural refuges that seemed tailor-made. One peninsular coastline stood out, higher than the others – that was the place!

We built the first house in the traditional style of the area and began to organise expeditions to bring the richness of this natural heritage to our society, used to living in more urban environments. All the visitors had a common feeling: “I don’t want to leave here”. The connection with the life force and the beauty, achieve deep feelings.

As time went by, we improved the infrastructure, and we thought: why not turn it into an audiovisual filming location? And so the “Amazonas Film Camp” was born, now also as a place for travellers like you who want to get to know its beauty and diversity.

For those who want only accommodation and activities at the Amazonas Film Camp

The "Amazonas Film Camp" is a dream place, in the heart of one of the most beautiful bays of central Amazonia. Natural scenery where it is possible to make 360º of pure nature. Staying there is a unique privilege. Discovery, Movistar +, Amazon Prime and many other demanding production companies have chosen it to shoot their films because of its diversity and beauty.


Amazonas Film Camp” 

In addition to staying, resting, enjoying the scenery and getting to know the local gastronomy, you will be able to do various activities in its rivers, lakes, beaches and jungles. At the Amazonas Film Camp you will be able to explore the Amazon reality, together with a team of experts who know the Amazon intimately and who will share their special knowledge with you.

Duración: de 4 a 10 días. Tú elijes el tiempo que quieres quedarte y las actividades que quieres hacer.

No. of people: minimum 5, maximum 14. Although the facilities can accommodate up to 60 people for audiovisual productions, for holidays we prefer small groups. We want to spoil you.

Dates: whenever you want. Please contact us.

Price per person and day: 190 euros*.


  • Land transfer from Manaus (hotel/airport) to the port of Manacapuru (86 km). Round trip.
  • River transfer from Manacapuru to the Amazon Film Camp (36 km). Return trip.
  • Accommodation in single and double rooms (for those who come in couples).
  • Full board (soft drinks and alcoholic beverages not included).
  • Accompaniment by local experts and guides.
  • All activities at the AFC.
  • Wifi.
  • Cleaning and laundry service.
  • A tree sapling to leave a mark on your trip.
  • Ask us for the complete programme

"Highly recommended for those who want to feel the real thing, spoil their senses and experience freedom in its purest state".


Our work

Summary of film activities in the Brazilian Amazon


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Wild Frank

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Amazonia, Última Llamada


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