AmazonasFilmCamp | Seasons
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The Two Amazonias
summer and winter in the tropics

One of the places in the world that changes the most according to the season

At the AFC and all over Amazonia the level of the waters defines the natural rhythms, the access routes, traditional human activities, and the light.


July to December

Clouds are few and there is a lot of sun, the temperature rises both in the air and on the water, and fish seek the depths and concentrate in the same places as their predators. On dry land, it is the time for summer fruits and means abundance for the local inhabitants.

The level of the waters slowly recedes from 10 to 20 metres according to the slope of the ground.


Infrequent sporadic rainfall. The changes are spectacular; the coast shows its outlines, wild beaches appear, and the navigation channel becomes narrow and winding.


Islands and islets emerge together with perches for fishing birds and habitats of species that are masters of the art of camouflage.


It is also the time for age-old discoveries. The whole region sees the emergence of pieces of pottery made by the indigenous peoples who lived there centuries before the arrival of the Europeans.


January to June

The waters slowly rise to their highest level in late June.

In November, the rains begin; they are generally more frequent in the first quarter of the year.

The transition between the water and the jungle disappears little by little and they unite where the water enters the jungle to create dream-like scenarios.

New corridors open to penetrate the forest and with the silence of the canoes, you can navigate through the tree tops on waters full of life.

The islets disappear as do some islands and others become smaller. Everything is reflected in the waters to create an endless mirror.

The clouds filter the light and the heat lessens. The jungle on dry land continues imperturbable; now it is the time for winter fruits.