Amazonas Film Camp

The biggest set on the planet at your fingertips

Amazonas Film Camp

The first film set in central Amazonia to provide logistic cover and field production for cinema and TV teams, together with accommodation and access to the natural settings of the region.

Less than 2 hours from Manaus


We can give you an approximate quotation and show you that the greatest film set on the planet is at your fingertips.
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General Logistics

Lodging and meals


Catering & Casting & Props

Authorisations & Permits & Visas

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Recruitment of local labour

Your film set in the Amazon jungle

For groups of up to 70 people in permanent facilities

The facilities are spread over a 15,000 m2 garden and accommodate groups in double and single rooms, with 15 shared bathrooms.

All on a 200-hectare peninsula of dense forests, with lakes and narrow streams, and 1.5 km of river frontage, with endless jungle all around.

Less than 2 hours from Manaus

An environment rich in nature and people, close to supply and service centres, allows for efficient and economic production strategies.

We have energy self-sufficiency, excellent water, internet, kitchen, restaurant, warehouses, changing rooms, make-up, infirmary and even the perfect replica of an indigenous village.

The jungle people

The reality of the local inhabitant, generally an immigrant from other more or less distant lands, who arrived in times of spices, rubber or gold, is based on subsistence agriculture, hunting and fishing, gathering fruits and medicinal plants, and sporadic services rendered to third parties according to their skills. 

The Amazonian native, since he was a child, is capable of feeling and doing differently from what we know in our modern societies. In these tropical forests they develop a high level of attention, perception and intuition.

These characteristics, the result of adaptation to the most diversified ecosystem on the planet, transform them into unusual human beings. 


The two species of river dolphins regularly appear in the environment, smooth and scaled fish, caimans, anacondas, turtles; porcupines, sloths, chameleons and bats inhabit the many deserted islands of the bay of Paroá. 

Fishing birds, macaws, toucans, oropendolas, vultures; the skies are always in motion. 

The mainland jungle is rich in felines, primates, rodents, anteaters, tapirs, butterflies, beetles, mimetic insects…


The vegetation cover of the 140 hectares of the A.F.C. is mostly made up of continuous and primary forests of lianas, palms and emergent trees, which rise to a height of more than 50 metres. 

The terrain offers more than 2 km of river banks, and several streams run through the dense interior, creating luminous spaces of great beauty, where orchids, brómelias and hummingbirds abound.

Seasons in central Amazonia

One of the most seasonally changing places in the world


In the months of September to December the waters are low and the landscape is characterised by wide coasts, deserted beaches, fishing birds, plenty of sunshine and less rain.

The water level slowly drops from 10 to 20 metres, depending on the slope of the terrain that limits it. 

The changes are spectacular, the coasts show their contours and the navigation channel becomes narrow and winding. 

Islands and islets emerge, resting places for fishing birds and master species of camouflage.


It is also a time of millenary discoveries. Ceramic pieces from the indigenous peoples who lived there centuries before the arrival of the Europeans appear on the shores of the land.


In the months of January to April the waters rise and enter the low jungle creating the igapó, the flooded forest, where the dolphin and paddle canoes can enter.
This is the rainiest time of the year, although after the storm passes, the light is usually exceptional.

In the months of May to July the waters have reached their zenith, it is the world of open doors, of reflections and of all the greens.

More than 20 years operating in the Amazon offer the possibility to share the knowledge of a dynamic society as diversified as the nature that surrounds it.

A film location full of possibilities

Some of the international producers that had chosen for the Amazon Film Camp and its crew to produce films, series and documentaries that are shown worldwide:

"All you need in one place".

Breno Silveira, director at Conspiraçao Films


Summary of activities in the Brazilian Amazon


TV Serial

Wild Frank

TV Program

Ñam Ñam

TV Program



Planeta Amazonia






Amazonia, Última Llamada


Journey into Amazonia


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Located 36 km from the city of Manacapuru, the “Amazonas Film Camp” is a set for professional filming, adaptable to the specific needs of each project.

Request information, tell us when, how many people and the approximate duration of your project, and we will simulate the approximate costs.


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