The place with most stars in the world


Amazonas Film Camp has rooms for two and three people


Connected by walkways with the rooms

Social areas

Terrace “O mirante do Pajé” (The Shaman’s viewpoint). Wide elevated observation space, located in front of the bay of Paroá and its uninhabited islands.

Living room and bar

The directors’ and meeting tables occupy the main space.
The bar at the end of the hall, functional and discreet.

Dinning room

Regional cuisine with the best local flavors and spices.
Healthy, tasty and varied dishes in the menu.


More than 10,000 m2 facing a cinematic bay, with jungles and streams around – A new scenario at every corner of the path.

  • Sky Observatory
  • Bow&arrow and blowpipe
  • Rustic Academy
  • Jungle Museum
  • Bath with medicinal clays
  • Botanical Trail
  • Canoes pier