Amazonas Film Camp

Only accommodation in the Amazon jungle specialized in professional filming, invites all nature lovers to live a unique experience.

A cinematic place

Some of the international producers that had chosen for the Amazon Film Camp and its crew to produce films, series and documentaries that are shown worldwide:

Chosen by DISCOVERY to film "Lost in the Amazon"

Your place in the jungle

Feel at home

We have three houses, ideal for groups of between four and seven people.

The adventure awaits you

Unique activities

Accompanied by a team of jungle professionals, experienced guides from a region that brings together the beauty of numerous ecosystems in one place

A journey to the heart of the Amazon


Jungles that connect to the basins of the Amazon and Negro rivers, in front of the Paroá bay, on the Manacapurú river, Amazonas, Brazil.

Always in good company...

Naturalist, experienced diver in tropical waters, coordinator of nature filming and complex expeditions.

A man of the jungle, he is a specialist in the subtle web of tropical life, and in solving unforeseen events in complex situations.

Amazonia is the largest energy provider I have ever known. It has been many years since I felt so strong.

Matteo Mariotti, architect

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 Located in front of the Bay of Paroá, 36 km from the city of Manacapuru, the “Amazonas Film Camp” offers, to small groups, authentic and unique experiences in the largest tropical jungle on the planet.

Wide and ventilated spaces, and a team prepared to take care of the details.