Activities at the Jungle


An authentic immersion in the Amazon forest

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Diving with mask and torch

The discovery of a new world.
A few minutes from the accommodation, in areas of transparent water and rich in tropical fish and botanical exuberance, unforgettable underwater moments await you.

Ancestral fishing with traps

Traditional knowledge.
With traps and natural baits (insects, fruits, fish), in paddle canoes.

Bow and arrow fishing

Indigenous ability.
Sharing an ancient art with an expert.

Jungle survival

The techniques of those who know animal intelligence.
Traps, shelters, screening, identification of edible and medicinal flora.

Paddle and motor canoeing rides

The magic of water reflexes.
Cross the bay between uninhabited islands and reach the community of Macumirí, small rural settlement dedicated to the collection of the fruit of the açaí palm tree, it’s a journey to fill you up with beauty.
Paddle and silent canoes in the beautiful streams and creeks surrounding the AFC, observation of birds, riverine dolphins and perhaps, on the islands, a royal sloth or a porcupine.


After dark, spot lighting of natural fauna

The sounds, the perception, the minimal movement. Night trips by canoe in this region are always a discovery. Besides the classic alligators, and under generally starry skies, there is much nocturnal life out there, also observing us.

Overnight in the jungle

A festival for the senses. One night camp under a traditional “tapiri” (shelter). The privilege of witnessing the exchange of fauna guard, in the middle of the jungle.

Harvest time – collection, preparation and tasting

The flavors of the earth. From the top of the tree to your bowl: açaí, chestnut, bacaba and other forest delicious fruits and nuts, depending on the season.

The place I recommend to find what you have been looking for.

Mónica Díaz López, Psicologist

Activities in the garden

Small open air gym

Bars, parallels, weight liftings, punching bags – the necessary to keep you sportive and in shape.


The peaceful surroundings of AFC are perfect for silent quiet observation rides.

Bow, arrow and blowpipe test area

Precision and balance exercises.

Sky Observatory

Contemplation with and without equipment.

Jungle Museum

Aquariums with ornamental fish of the region, insects, botany, fauna, local archaeology, maps, books.

Medicinal baths

“Clay therapy”, white and red clay.
The oldest medicinal cosmetics.


The AMAZONAS FILM CAMP peninsula has been inhabited by humankind for approximately 1,000 years. On its banks, in times of low water, we can appreciate numerous ceramics from the Guarita phase, before the arrival of the Europeans conquerors.

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 Located in front of the Bay of Paroá, 36 km from the city of Manacapuru, the “Amazonas Film Camp” offers, to small groups, authentic and unique experiences in the largest tropical jungle on the planet.

Wide and ventilated spaces, and a team prepared to take care of the details.